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The world's most secure Payment methods (7).png ships internatinally to: US, Philipines, India, Indonesia, Germany,Canada,Mexico, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Australia,France, Malaysia, Peru, Thailand, Chile, Veitnam, Italy, Taiwan, Morroco, UAE, Qatar and Greece (Please contact us if you're not from those countries to set your county in our shipping Rules)

Packages are shipped via FedEx, K-post, EMS,Turkey post or Qxpress. Some of these options may not be available to some countries.

Processing times

Once your order is placed, it generally takes us 2-3 business days to process and pack.

Delivery estimates

Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout. You can also check how you get Discounted on shipping based on the number of your items in cart by clicking here.

The following shipping times are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. Please see our Terms of Service for details.











Customs, duties, taxes.

Ps. army is not responsible for any shipping deliveries that may be affected by customs, natural occurrences, or air and ground transportation strikes or delays, nor any extra fees, customs or back end charges once the package has exited South Korea.

Lost ,Damages or missing items.

If your package arrives damaged or missing items, please make sure to keep all packing materials for investigation by and shipping carrier. If you discover your items are damaged or missing, please file a claim directly to the local carrier used for last-mile delivery. Once you get confirmation from the carrier that your claim has been accepted, please wait designated period. If you have any issues, you may contact us, and we will do our best to help.


If you need our assistance, please send us below information:

  1. A copy of your registered claim

  2. Name, Email address, Suite number

  3. PKG ID

  4. Reason for claim

  5. Picture of damaged items

  6. Picture of outer and inner packaging

  7. Picture of the shipping label

  8. A detailed list of all damaged or missing items (including item numbers).

  9. If your items are damaged, please keep the original package box with you until the claim is closed.


Upon receiving the above information, we can request an investigation to the carrier for compensation procedure.


Please contact the local carrier within their allowed period for filing a claim:

  1. FedEx: up to 21 days from the shipment date

  2. UPS: up to 14 days from the shipment date

  3. EMS: up to 4months from the date of dispatch

How do I find my Tracking number?

After we ship your package, you will receive a confirmation email.
This message will include your tracking number, linked to the carrier you chose

Please if you need any additional Informations, don't hesitate to contact us ,We'll be happy to Help.

4-12 business days
Turkey post
4-15 business days
5-15 business days
5-10 business days
2-4 business days