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We're  ............. a BTS Merchandise store.

  • We offer a wide range of Official products at a better price with a better service.

  • We strive for global quick delivery because we understand the frustration of cannot be shipped to your country, and the pain of waiting too long for your orders to knock your door.

  • We planned to accompany our customers trough the whole shopping process from providing them with useful tips to double-checking clearance duties before confirming their orders to improve their collecting experience.

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Our main Ambition is to develop a Fandom Network, and our long term goal is to reshape your collecting Journey making it easier to track and share by implementing Innovating Technologies.
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We're proud to be part of the fandom we serve, and because we're a brand that cares, we're always willing to reshape our services for the sake of ARMY's satisfaction.

CEO, Bw Abla

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ARMY, You're this Brand's Leader,
Your dreams are the brand's Dreams,
We believe in the Fandom Connection,
We love Communication,
And Execution is how we Express Ourselves.


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